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Hiring a personal caregiver to provide additional care for your loved ones, whether it's at home or in a care facility, can be rather nerve-wracking. We at Caregiver Professionals believe that a well-run home is a happy home and therefore we strive to make all our patients feel happy, comfortable and loved all the time!

Caregiver Professionals, situated in the beautiful Jacaranda City (East of Pretoria) offer care services to clients all over South Africa. We currently have carers in multiple provinces, such as Gauteng and Natal. We offer successful quality care for the elderly, disabled, chronically ill and those recuperating from surgery or hospitalisation.

Our Carers are qualified and experienced and have a passion for taking care of people with advanced illnesses in the comfort of their home. Our Carers are always on time, clean and appropriately dressed, ready to deliver attentive and responsible care. We also care for patients in retirement villages and in care facilities.

Caregiver Professionals care for patients recovering from strokes, accidents, lung problems, heart surgery etc. Custom arrangements are made for the individual needs of each senior client, including those with Dementia, Alzheimer's and other memory care matters, making sure that all patients get the care they need in an environment where they feel most comfortable.

Caregiver Professionals is an integral part of loved ones Aging in Place, so they never need to leave home. Most patients prefer home care instead of admission to a stepdown facility and/or rehabilitation facility.

Caregiver Professionals gracefully delivers "Care from the heart", so that seniors, their family and loved ones may enjoy peace of mind.

Additional Information on Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a descriptive term for a broad range of particular medical conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease.

Disorders grouped under the term "Dementia" are usually caused by irregular brain changes that trigger a decline in thinking skills (cognitive abilities), that are severe enough to impair everyday life and independent function. Dementia also affects behaviour, emotions and relationships.

Dementia is frequently falsely referred to as senile dementia, which reflects the already popular belief that serious mental decline is a natural part of ageing.

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive disorder that causes brain cells to deteriorate and ultimately die. Alzheimer's Disease accounts for 60-80% of dementia cases.

Forgetting recent events or conversations might be the first signs. Later severe memory impairment will start to develop, causing the person to be unable to carry out everyday tasks.

Current medications may temporarily improve symptoms or slow the rate of decline. These treatments can sometimes help maximize functionality and maintaining independence for a little while longer, but will not ultimately cure the disease.

See what our clients say!

Rudolph Bigalke

Ek dink derhalwe dat ons besonder bevoorreg was om die dienste van so ’n kundige persoon te ontvang en verwag nie dat die gemiddelde ‘carer’ enigsins dieselfde uiters hoë standaard sal kan handhaaf nie.


In n tyd van nood weet n persoon nie altyd waar of hoe om dadelik die regte hulp te kry nie!! Ek het vir Caregiver Professionals gekontak en hulle het dadelik gereageer!!

Sonia Röhrs

Thank you for the privilege of being addressed by yourself on behalf of Caregiver Professionals on Tuesday 29 October 2019. Your services that cater for a variety of needs were presented with great enthusiasm...

Louise Greyling

Ek wil net hiermee ‘n groot dankie se aan Christelle Eva en haar caregivers met die versorging van Hendrik. Ek dink nie ek sou ge –“cope” het toe hy uit die hospitaal ontslaan is nie...

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