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Our Caregivers are Qualified and Trained for the job and are Professional, Friendly, Productive and Caring.

Caregiver Professionals (Pty)Ltd has a registered nurse available to assist with the following:

  1. Assessments
  2. Stage 1 and 2 Wound Care
  3. Home Care hospice trained oncology

Our Qualified and Trained Caregivers’ duties are as the following:

Assist the Patient in Getting Ready for the Day

Every morning our Qualified Caregivers will help the patient in getting ready for the day by assisting them with tasks such as making their bed, getting dressed etc. making each day easier for the patient thus making the patient happier.

Food Preparation and Meals

Our Qualified Caregivers will be arranging the food items as they should be, cooking the meals and also feeding the patient if necessary. Our Qualified Caregivers will also take Care of the dishes and keep the kitchen nice and tidy. Shopping can be done at an extra cost.

Assist with Household Chores

Our Qualified Caregivers will assist with all household chores such as Making the bed each morning, providing clean linen, laundry and keeping the house clean and tidy.

Assist the Patient with Getting Ready for Appointments

Our Qualified Caregivers will ensure that the patient is clean and nicely dressed and looking their very best for all appointments.

Monitoring Daily Medicine Intake as Prescribed

Our Qualified Caregivers will properly ensure that the patient takes the necessary prescribed medicine each day. Our Patients’ health and well-being are of extreme importance to us.

Provide Companionship to the Patient

Our Qualified Caregivers will keep the patient company at all possible times, ensuring that they never feel alone, thus making the patient happier.

Maintain Patient Hygiene and Nutrition

Our Qualified Caregivers will ensure that the patient’s hygiene and nutrition are kept up to a maximum to ensure their health and well-being.

Promote the Physical Comfort and Rest / Sleep of the Patient

Our Qualified Caregivers will make sure that the patient receive enough rest / sleep to keep them positive, energetic and healthy.

Outdoor Walks with Patient if Possible

Our Qualified Caregivers will provide the patient with refreshing outdoor walks if at all possible or necessary.

Assist Patient with Bathing / Showering

Our Qualified Caregivers will assist the patient with bathing or showering if necessary, to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Extra Services We Could Provide Excluding Monthly Rate:

  • Manicure / Pedicure
  • Hair Styling / Facials
  • Qualified Physiotherapist when Available
  • Shopping as Stipulated in Contract